Corporate Events Milan

  • The corporate events represent for a brand not only a showcase and a business opportunity, but also an effective marketing and communication tool that can offer many possibilities.
    A company today must not only strengthen its identity, but create engagement and develop a network of relationships, generating empathy and involvement around the brand.
    A business event can be a powerful lever that stimulates interests and relationships.
    11clubroom is the ideal location for organizing corporate events in Milan , as the versatility of the room allows to satisfy the different needs and requirements that a business event requires.
    The elegant and refined space is equipped with modern audio and video technologies that allow the functionality necessary for a successful business event .
    From a dinner to a more complex meeting, the client can rely on a team of professionals and a series of accessory services related to the corporate event.

    From hospitality to entertainment, from catering to room staff, the organization will be present and will follow the event in all its phases. You can organize corporate events in Milan counting on the entire room for use exclusive or considering an area dedicated to guests of the corporate event. The buffet solutions proposed by our catering will satisfy all palates and will be sewn according to the taste of the customers.

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